An Independent Look At Fukushima

…The global nuclear industry is presenting falsified data to regulatory agencies, the media and NGOs in its drive to double the number of nuclear power plants around the world, notably in Southeast Asia and India as well as the UK and Eastern Europe. Hitachi is partnered with GE, and Toshiba is the major shareholder in Westinghouse, so the nuclear power is a global industry that makes massive payoffs to politicians, bureaucrats, regulators, the media and NGOs.

Given the complicity of regulators and public-interest NGOs, there’s only one way to prove that the nuclear experts are lying through their teeth about safe radiation levels, and that is to go into the belly of the beast, which means entering the Fukushima Exclusion Zone. So once the rainy season ended in mid-July, I went…

This account differs greatly from the sparse imitations of journalism in the corporate media.

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