More On The Raub Case

…The issue of mental health has been raised recently in reference to an ex-Marine named Brandon Raub who posted about 9/11 truth on Facebook and as a result was illegally taken to a psychiatric ward.

No doubt this was done by the U.S. government to suppress public anxieties that there may be something to the claims that 9/11 was an inside job.

In the crazy cosmology of the U.S. Totalitarian State rejecting conspiracy theories is a sign of psychological well-being and sanity, rather than the other way around. It is strange, but that’s life.

How strange and absurd is life? Get this: soldiers who don’t want to sacrifice their lives for a big lie are declared insane, illegally detained in a psych ward, and given pills, while politicians who tell lies to motivate them to fight in illegal wars are treated with respect.

Questioning 9/11 is the moral, right, and sane thing to do. Anyone who says differently is deliberately lying or is willfully ignorant.

For a soldier it is better to be perceived as insane for refusing to fight for a lie than to die in a stupid and aggressive war. Thinking soldiers would probably say that the psych ward is better than the grave.

Brand me crazy, but I choose to stand beside the dissenting soldier, not the cowardly politician. If standing up for free speech means I’ll be dragged to the nearest psych ward at any hour along with you and the legion of dissenting soldiers in the military then that’s okay, no problem.

If choosing truth and life over deception and death means you’re crazy in this upside down world then I’m crazy as hell, and you are too.

Do you see how crazy this is? We’re supposed to accept this situation obediently and pretend we’re not living under a crazy system that produces death, disease, and destruction on a cosmic scale…

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