The Golden Section or Golden Ratio, Phi, 1.618

Belgian gynaecologist measures reproductive organs of 5,000 women and finds that the most fertile have ‘mathematically perfect’ dimensions

The study suggests that when women are at their most fertile, between 16 and 20, the proportions of their uteruses reflect the golden ratio.

The golden ratio is a scientific nugget that has, for at least two thousand years, belonged as much to mysticism [?] as to mathematics.

It is just a number – 1.618 – but to its devotees the ratio expresses aesthetic perfection, and can be found wherever there is beauty…

Egypt also made extensive use of the Golden Section which, from the Primordial Scission, commands the flow of numbers up to Five.  The pentagram, made up of Golden Section segments, is the symbol of unremitting activity.  Five is the to the vitality of the universe, its creative nature…

-John Anthony West, Serpent In The Sky, p. 53

Five is also the number of sides in a pyramid! How much REAL knowledge has been lost, hidden or destroyed?


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    This is a theory I would I like to put to a “test”…

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