Paul Ryan

Does it really matter that Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to run as his #2 in November?…


…Mainstream political commentators are saying that the introduction of Paul Ryan into the 2012 U.S. presidential drama has added much-needed fire to the political debate. His presence in the race supposedly makes it clear to the voters that Obama’s philosophy of government is vastly different from his challenger-in-chief, Mitt Romney.

The White House and its media mouthpieces are preparing the American people for the Great Debate between the unemphatic slashers of Medicare and the proud defenders of the middle class.

This dishonest narrative adds to the illusion that America is a democratic country where the opinion of the American people actually matters. But, once we take a collective step back from the mad show, it is obvious that there is only one choice for American voters this November: Obamney/ORyan, Lucifer-in-Chief…

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