Is Holder Playing Sgt. Schultz?

NY Attorney Michael G. Bouchard has informed me that on July 17th he sent a letter to to United States Attorney General Eric Holder providing comprehensive evidence of federal government corruption in Albany, New York .

The corruption involves the ongoing coverup by top federal law enforcement officials of Senator Gillibrand’s Mother’s mortgage fraud ring.

The letter sent to Attorney General Holder documents a series of mortgage fraud scams that have been committed by Polly Rutnik, a New York Attorney and the mother of a United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and her co-conspirators.

The supporting attachments in the letter implicates Polly Rutnik, a former NYPD officer, Aaron Dates, the partner of the law firm of a former Albany Mayor and several others conspiring together to carry out the sophisticated mortgage fraud schemes.

The letter further points out that any the who are associated with the government have eluded the attention of federal prosecutors investigating the ring.

At the same time those who participants not associated with the government have been arrested and convicted or are currently being actively prosecuted.

Bouchard’s explains in the letter to Holder that in the process of covering up the fraud of the Senator’s mother the federal prosecutor’s are also on a witch hunt to find scapegoats to pin her numerous crimes on.

The letter implies federal prosecutors are targeting Bouchard for this purpose even though he was merely the settlement lawyer in one of the numerous cases of fraud.

Bouchard further contends he had no idea the settlement he was hired for was a fraudulent transaction yet federal prosecutors are trying to frivolously target him.

On the other hand, Attorney Bouchard’s supporting exhibits provide clear evidence of  fraud committed by  Polly Rutnik and her co-conspirators in repeated scams before and after the settlement he was hired for..

But as I detail below, Attorney Bouchard’s and the supporting exhibits provide clear evidence of  Senator’s mother knowingly and willfully committed fraud as did her co-conspirators to perpetrate the scams.

Those documents show several conspirators filing fraudulent mortgage documents with Polly Rutnik being at the center of the foul play…

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