The Election Charade

…Unless something dramatic is done, this election could well be the swan song of American democracy…

That ship sailed many rains ago!

…The problem is that it does not matter if you vote for them or not, if they control who makes it on the ballot [And they count the ballots]. This is why some people have concluded that working within the system is death by a thousand cuts, and the only recourse at this point is alternative movements and peaceful demonstrations such as the country saw in the civil rights movement.

And these movements should take care in who offers to fund and lead them, keeping the Tea Party in mind as to how quickly reform movements can be co-opted by those with money, slick public relations skills, and ulterior motives.

“That humanity and sincerity which dispose men to resist injustice and tyranny render them unfit to cope with the cunning and power of those who are opposed to them. The friends of liberty trust to the professions of others because they are themselves sincere, and endeavour to secure the public good with the least possible hurt to its enemies, who have no regard to anything but their own unprincipled ends, and stick at nothing to accomplish them.”…

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