The 2012 Drought

…As the Weather Channel pointed out last month, the area covered by drought rivals some of the dust bowl years:

As of June – the area covered by severe drought was still lower than during the Dust Bowl years, but still made the top 10 list:

But – despite the recent rains in some areas, which reduced by 1% the area covered by drought – the farm states remain parched, and the area covered by severe drought is still growing.

Unfortunately, the one certainty is higher food prices.


  1. One of the 99% says:

    Gas prices are up, food prices are up, rent for housing is up, but inflation remains at near zero.

  2. Gas and food are not in the Government’s calculation of inflation, thanks to Bill Clinton. That convention enables the government and corporations to index pensions and COLAs at less than actual inflation. The convention also allows many to be deluded as to the real state of affairs.

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