How Does It All End?

First, how did it get this way? A group of people attempted to control the world because they saw themselves as very special, they had no regard for people’s wellbeing or feelings, it was all about them, power, money and self-importance.

They controlled all the doors and all the exits and they corrupted the parliaments, and they controlled the TV stations and banks, and they manipulated markets, they were totally above the law, like demi-gods.

They were allowed to convert useless paper into real money, and they issued shares, bonds, IOUs, and derivatives. Their wealth ranked in the trillions. Citizens were milked for half their incomes to support the wars of the elite and other issues that the leaders felt needed funding.

No one could speak, their spies were everywhere. People feared the knock on the door.

The elite could have reigned a thousand years but in effect they were destroyed from within.

They had body guards, surveillance, armies and police forces, and yet each and every one of them had intense paranoia. They invented threats that didn’t exist. The citizens were docile and scared, there were no Moslem terrorists, no shoe bombers, or underpants bombers, no unknown exploding liquids, it was all fake—concoctions formulated from dark minds and feigned specialness.

When a person believes he or she is special, or they feign specialness like self-importance say, it creates a psychological threat, the ego comes to fear that specialness will be taken from it… 



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