Holocaust Of The Vanities

There are two nations in the US, growing more and more apart. 

The comfortable well-to-do are attempting to ignore the deepening plight of the majority of Americans, based on dodgy economic principles, pure unadulerated greed, self-serving rationalization, a false history of the widespread economic fraud, and a generally apathetic numbness towards the suffering of others that appears to be fully sociopathic.

The poor are merely a calculation in the struggle for the greatest share of the dwindling power and wealth of a declining Empire.  We are not quite there yet, but it will not take much to push things too far.   Austerity applied with a whip hand and a disdain for justice and genuine reform would do it.

This callous arrogance and brutality is nothing new to the one third of the world that has been repeatedly ‘saved’ by the Pax Americana in its benevolent self-delusions.

The blowback that is coming at home and abroad is going to blow like a hurricane.

And the elite in America will recoil with horror and surprise, and will not understand it.  Or at least,  will pretend not to understand it, once again.  And will blame it on envy, and try to hold on even harder to the status quo in a battle that, in their childish lack of real world perspective, they think they can win.  After all, they are ‘winners.’  And they are just itching for yet another war.

There may be blood.  Quite a bit of it. But there will almost certainly be a holocaust of the vanities…

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