F-22 Not A Total Waste

Some people got paid.

The United States military has continued to throw billions of dollar down the waste toiled known as the F-22 stealth fighter which has been plagued with issue after issue.

The problems have been so bad in fact the US was caught fudging their own report card on the plane so it would meet the minimum standards of any military airplane required for flight certification.

Now after billions have been thrown into a black hole to get the plane in the air, German pilots have announces after a join mock combat drill they have discovered an easy way to shoot down the plane.

For all of the hype and propaganda in repeated claims by nearly every military official quoted on the plane claiming the raptor is simply the best air-to-air fighter ever the truth be told – it is an inferior piece of garbage in air to air combat.

In fact, the Germans say all you need to do to defeat the plane is get close to it and stay there and the F-22 raptor is pretty much a sitting duck…


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