Drugs Pretext For War On Venezuela?

Uh, oh! While the focus is on U.S. foreign interventionism in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere in the Middle East, could it be that the U.S. Empire is ginning up for a regime-change operation over in this part of the world, specifically Venezuela, where the Hugo Chavez administration has long been the bane of U.S. officials?

What would be the excuse for interventionism in Venezuela? WMDs? Communism? Terrorism? National security?

No, it seems that if interventionism comes to Venezuela, U.S. officials might decide to trot out an old and reliable standby rationale for regime change: the drug war.

It might just be a coincidence, but today’s New York Times has a front-page story entitled, “Cocaine’s Flow Is Unchecked in Venezuela.”

Yikes! Is that scary or what?

The article points out that “For years, the United States has been working with friendly governments in Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and other countries in Latin America, spending billions of dollars to disrupt the flow of drugs northward.”

Apparently the Times fails to see the irony in that statement. “For years.” Actually, “for decades” would be the more appropriate term. And how has all that time and all those billions of dollars worked out? Well, they’ve helped fund corrupt officials in those “friendly” countries but most everyone would agree that they haven’t done squat to “disrupt the flow of drugs northward.”

But hey, at least the drug war has enabled the U.S. Empire to expand its reach…



In June and July the war on drugs proceeded apace as DEA agents and Honduran military goons knocked off some Miskitu people in Honduras – suspects supposedly running drugs in small boats. Police around the United States made thousands of drug-related arrests and doctors prescribed drugs for hundreds of thousands of sad and unmotivated adults and children. But  in Mexico the  story of dead people, cops or civilians, abounds in the never-ending drug war. Daily, we read of atrocities committed by rival Mexican narco gangs in collusion with the army or police. The drug war makes little sense in a nation where a sad person who sees a doctor gets drugged (legally) and a sad person who smokes a joint runs the risk of arrest…



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