Web Of Debt By Ellen H. Brown

I am almost finished reading this most valuable book.  I recommend it without reservation to anyone who wants to understand the political economy in which we live.  It is written in easy to understand terms and the links to the allegories in Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz are an enjoyable didactic convention.  Its historical tidbits are many and rich.  I thank Jawara again for forwarding it for my continuing education.  Here is a short excerpt that illustrates how low we have been struck by the tender mercies of the banksters:

…Thorold Rogers, a nineteenth century Oxford historian, wrote that in the Middle Ages, “a labourer could provide all the necessities for his family for the year by working 14 weeks.”…

Compare and contrast to the labor requirements for survival today.  Something is seriously wrong with our political economy.  To wit:

More than one-third of American households are barely able to manage their bills, getting by financially only paycheck-to-paycheck, a new study reveals…




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