Chemical Weapons In Syria

…After destroying Libya with Washington’s guiding them all the way, the Al-Qaeda terrorists are now busy destroying Syria. They are threatening the citizens of Syria with chemical weapons followed by a full-blown invasion led by NATO if they do not acquiesce to their Washington-scripted political demands.

According to geopolitical analyst Tony Cartalucci, the Libyan terrorists and Al-Qaeda barbarians are secretly planning to stage a false flag involving the use of chemical weapons. Their motive is to further discredit the current Syrian regime and give Washington a new excuse to take stronger action against Assad. Cartalucci wrote in his article on Friday, July 27, called, “Syrians: NATO-backed Militants Seen Donning Gas Masks”:

Clearly those “Islamist militants” as well as “rebels active in north Africa” are now on the ground in Syria. These militants bringing pilfered chemical weapons with them is entirely plausible, as is the possibility that these weapons were purposefully placed into their hands by either NATO or Libya’s current ruling regime. This very scenario was warned against last month in an article published by Russia Today titled, “Syrian rebels aim to use chemical weapons, blame Damascus – report

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