NATO Running Out Of al-Qaeda Fighters In Syria

Press TV: Dr. Tarpley, you said earlier on, that so far the Syrian government has been able to stand against what our guests are calling the conspiracies by its enemies but how long before for instance we may see a kind of bomb attack from NATO, a kind of extended military attack or is there even such a plan for these kinds of actions if other measures fail in Syria?

Tarpley: Concerning the question of the coup which you mentioned I believe that the coup was supposed to take place last week between Wednesday and Friday and somehow this did not succeed or has not succeeded so far.

Now when you have these swarming foreign fighters, people with minimal training and low military skills if they try to take a piece of Damascus or Aleppo and hold it, a lot of them will not survive and I think right now the mopping up activities of the Syrian army mean that a significant portion of those swarming fighters have either been killed, wounded or captured, so there is not an endless supply of such people…

Very informative video update on the Syrian situation with Webster Tarpley at the above link.

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