Immunity For Monsanto?

A new bill in congress aims to give Monstanto immunity from any damages resulting from genetically altering the US food chain…
You remember Monsanto:
…Beyond the horrendous working conditions and slave wages, the new lawsuit brought in the U.S. also adds claims of outright poisoning due to the inherent toxicity of the pesticides used by Monsanto. At the hybrid corn seed operation in Indiana where the Milo recruiting agency sent the plaintiffs in the U.S. case, their tasks were roguing, detasseling, husking and sorting.The 29-page lawsuit states that:

Two or more of the working plaintiffs suffered illness or injuries from suspected pesticide exposure while working for defendants. 

In Argentina, dozens of tobacco farmers sued Monsanto and tobacco companies in April of this year for a host of birth defects that they assert were caused by herbicides and pesticides – principally the herbicide Roundup, which has shown to be toxic to life in a mere parts-per-billion range.The lawsuit stated that workers were told that conditions were safe and were not provided with protective equipment. As a result children were born with cerebral palsy, missing fingers, blindness and more. (Source)Monsanto’s abuse of their workers, the public who consumes their products, and the environment seems to have no bounds. Farmers have been committing suicide over their destructive practices; and, as a result, Monsanto is now being sued at an increasing rate by family farmers, workers, and consumers for their complete disregard for health and life.

The workers in this latest case are seeking damages under the Agricultural Worker Protection Act, and unpaid wages under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Let’s hope that justice is properly served.

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