While reading the Text of Obama Statement on Shootings in Colorado – Associated Press 7/20/2012, one line struck this writer as quite astounding:

“We may never understand what leads anybody to terrorize their fellow human beings like this. Such violence, such evil is senseless. It’s beyond reason.”

The President may have realized afterward that since he has been ordering the shooting of thousands in a half-dozen countries, the words “evil, senseless, beyond reason” could easily reflect back on himself. A later Obama statement on the massacre in a Colorado movie house did not contain the words ‘evil, senseless, violence beyond reason.’…



There’s a new piece in Esquire out this week, looking at the Obama administration’s drone program and targeted killing, and labeling it….the Lethal Presidency.

Tom Junod writes….”You are a historic figure, Mr. President. You are not only the first African-American president; you are the first who has made use of your power to target and kill individuals identified as a threat to the United States throughout your entire term. You are the first president to make the killing of targeted individuals the focus of our military operations, of our intelligence, of our national security strategy, and some argue, of our foreign policy.”

And later, “Your lethality is expansive in both practice and principle; you are fighting terrorism with a policy of preemptive execution, and claiming not just the legal right to do so, but the legal right to do so in secret”…


Also related:

I had written about the Colorado “Dark Knight” shooting and mentioned how it sure did happen conveniently close to the UN Small Arms Treaty that Obama wants to sign.

Many are questioning how a student who did not have much money was able to afford over $20,000 of arms and ammunition. Besides how he had the sophisticated knowledge to put together the type of booby traps they are saying was in his apartment…

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