And Now The Corporate Media Chimes In On What’s Coming

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Supposedly warnings about the latent inflationary threat posed by simply ridiculous non-financial debt levels (as presented most recently here yesterday), not to mention financial debt (which as MF Global’s rehypothecated implosion demonstrated so vividly can be any number between minus and plus infinity, thank you London “regulators”) from the blogosphere can be ignored ($15 trillion melting ice cube that is shadow banking which also doubles as the best inflationary buffer known to man, notwithstanding).

After all, what does the blogosphere know: remember, Libor has been repeatedly proven to not be manipulated, as the mainstream media so strenly claimed year after year after year until it had no choice but to do a 180 and pretend its advertiser paid for lies in the past 3 years never existed. But when these same warnings emanate from the “very serious people” at UBS, economists with a Ph.D. at that, it may be a little more difficult to dismiss them. So here it is:

And the root of the problem: The Fed and other central banks.

…In order to understand this crisis it’s necessary to understand the role credit has played in bringing it about.

When we broke the link between money and gold forty years ago, this removed all the constraints on credit creation. And afterwards credit absolutely exploded. In the U.S. it grew from $1 trillion to $50 trillion – a fifty-fold increase in forty three years…


  1. One of the 99% says:

    As the world’s economy heads toward its Moment of Truth, the mainstream media is spending inordinate amounts of time on the hiring of a new CEO at a major internet media company.

  2. Their job is to obfuscate not to inform.

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