The Middle Passage

Underwater sculpture by Jason deCaires Taylor located off Grenada honoring the Africans who were thrown overboard during the Middle passage. More at the below link:

The history:

…It is oftentimes loosely said, that America had been settled by the European races, and different portions are distinguished, as settled by the English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.  The truth really is, that America, including its islands, has been settled chiefly from Africa, and by negroes; and it is only in our own immediate times, that its colonization by Europeans has been commenced upon a scale of any magnitude.  Prior to the commencement of the current century, the number of negroes brought hither probably exceded the whole number of Europeans of all nationalities, who had emigrated hither, twenty-fold, or even more; and down to within less than twenty years ago, the African slave trade still brought in more people than did voluntary white immigration…

In reference to the number of negroes taken in Africa for transportation to America, the Encyclopedia Americana (1851) says it has been “calculated to amount during the last three centuries to above forty millions, of whom fifteen or twenty per cent die on the passage.”…

George M. Weston, The Progress of Slavery in the United States, published by the author, Washington, 1857, p. 154.

The above excerpt is quoted in my book, Adam, The Altaic Ring & “The Children of the Sun.”  Mr. Weston was an abolitionist, but he was not a John Brown-type abolitionist.  He didn’t argue against slavery because it was (and is) wrong per se.  He argued against slavery because it had devastating social and economic impacts on the whites in America.

Thanks to CeCe for the link to the underwater statues.

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