MF Global: Just Between Friends

Just Between Friends

When facts, data and information are gathered, dots can be connected to reveal relationships and new information as patterns emerge.

There is a pattern.  Scratch just below the surface of who is who and we find the intricate network of power players and patterns of events circling the MF Global crimes.  I am not talking about Governor-Senator Jon Corzine, but Eric Holder, Edith O’Brien and Reid Weingarten.  Who is Reid Weingarten?  “Defense attorney Reid H. Weingarten is a Washington fixture,”  Brook Masters of  The Washington Post writes.

Weingarten, a long time close freind of Eric Holder is also Edith O’Brien’s  defense attorney.  O’Brien is apparently seeking immunity from Holder’s Department of Justice because she, and she alone, holds the threads in the investigation of the illegal use of customer funds at MF Global, Inc. and Holdings.  To date, after eight months, she has not received immunity.  (Yet notably the DOJ has already granted Barclay’s Bank immunity from prosecution for cooperating in its Libor-gate investigation.)

With time, evidence becomes stale to a prosecution.  The longer she is kept off any witness stand and the longer DOJ waits to uncover all evidence, the weaker discovery becomes.  Putrefying the evidence through delays and time decay is a tried and true practice.  So it is reasonable to ask if there even a desire by the DOJ to uncover all the facts of the plundering of over 1.6 billion of private funds and build a case of wrong doing?…



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