The Collapsing Global Money Matrix

…The writing is on the wall: THE FED IS DEAD.  And so is the Fed’s collection agency – the IRS.  The FED has obviously been on extreme life support since September ’08, and the only compassionate response is to let it go peacefully into the sunset.  Perhaps we should organize a simple taxpayers’ revolt, not too unlike those that occurred prior to the American Revolution, to bury this beast forever.  When the people do wake up, and realize that the Federal Reserve Note that they carry in their pocket is exactly that – a note (i.e. debt, obligation, debit, commitment, instrument of indebtedness), things will start to get REEEEAL interesting!…

*Demoplican or Republocrat – either way, they are still two sides of the exact same counterfeit coin.  The coin of the realm that excludes We, The People

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