The Real Point Of “Austerity”

The arguments for austerity, while they may be many, are nullified by the fact that the International Monetary Fund, the biggest advocate of austerity for so-called third world countries (and increasingly for many first-world European countries), has admitted that austerity only hurts income and worsens long-term unemployment. [5] In other words, austerity only makes a bad economic situation worse. Yet, this begs the question, if austerity doesn’t work, then why are people arguing in favor of it? This question can be understood by examining the situation from the perspective of the banks. Austerity measures result in large amounts of privatization and thus allow for banks to buy up essential services such as water and electricity systems for dirt-cheap prices and then the banks can make large amounts of money from the perpetuity of state assets. Thus, the banks that gave the loans will then be able to recoup the amount of the loan and then make much more money….


…If these estimates are accurate, they imply that Greece will gradually be forced to sell off even more of its assets down the road after they have allowed the vultures to enter…

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