Syria: A Propaganada War

…Washington’s war against Syria and war against terror are, at their core, propaganda wars. The truth is Washington’s biggest enemy, not this or that country, or this or that terrorist organization. Washington is not afraid of Al-Qaeda, which it created, but whistleblowers, truth-tellers, and investigative journalists.

The surreal aspects of the media war against Syria have not gone unnoticed. The Western media has twisted reality and falsified the crisis from day one. It’s like Kafka’s ghost is penning Barack Obama’s speeches, and NATO’s official statements on the Syrian conflict.

NATO’s latest stunt in its propaganda war against Syria revolves around a Turkish jet illegally invading Syrian airspace. The whole world knows Syria is on the right side, and Turkey is on the wrong side. But right and wrong doesn’t matter to NATO. Reality doesn’t matter, either. This newest provocation by NATO shows that Washington doesn’t care how absurd it’s case against Syria sounds to the international public. It is so committed to its illegal policy of regime change.

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