The Mathematics Of Chaos

This documentary was started in 2007 by David Malone and Mark Tanner on commission from the BBC. David had finally persuaded the network that a financial collapse was coming, a situation which he had been watching and documenting for some years.

It was finally finished on 12 September 2008, the Friday before the collapse of Lehman Brother. Two days later it was aired on BBC4.

David Malone writes a financial blog Golem XIV.

A number of people had been warning of a collapse including myself. The bubble in housing and dodgy credit was apparent to anyone who had eyes to see, the time and training to look, and a mind unclouded by conflicts of interest.

I remember after one particular rant of mine on an establishment economics site about the coming collapse, someone asked, ‘What do you think he wants?’

And that is perhaps the heart of what went wrong. Few were acting from conscience and principle, and most, as is so human, were guided by self-interest, ideology, rosy thinking, careerism, and the flawed models that supported inaction in the face of monstrous injustice and transfers of wealth from the relatively innocent and unsuspecting to the financial predators.

I will tell you now that what is coming next will be as awful as anything that has gone before, and quite possibly much worse. Poison is being offered as a cure, and if taken, will contribute to the suicide of the middle class.

There is still some time to act, but it is quickly slipping by. We seem to have learned nothing…

Be sure to watch the video at the above link.

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