An America With No Middle Class

fastest growing jobs in low wage jobs

Source:  BLS

The two fields with the largest number of jobs being added come from:

-Personal Care Aides (median annual wage of $19,640)

-Home Health Aides (median annual wage of $20,560)


  1. One of the 99% says:

    And all but one appear NOT to require a 4 year college degree. How will we pay for entitlement programs at these wages? I don’t have a good feeling about this.

  2. The plan is NOT to pay for entitlement programs. War is the nation’s priority. See the Bob Chapman videos about the gutting of the nation’s mfg. base where the high paying jobs were generated. And for those who still think there’s a significant difference between Republicans and Democrats, check out who started the “free trade” agreements. Check out who repealed Glass-Steagall.

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