Remember Obama’s “Humanitarian Intervention” In Libya

in November.

…The violence that is occurring has the chance to spiral out of control and into black genocide conducted by the arabic population in a similar pattern of what has been happening for more than a decade in Sudan. In Sudan, the arab-controlled government targeted the black population on condition of race and religion, leading to both black Christians and black Muslims being murdered. In Libya, the more than a million blacks have been terrorized, assaulted, raped, mutilated, and killed by anti-Gaddafi rebel forces.

And yet, who will speak for the newly destitute, injured, and dead? The anti-war movement packed their bags and went home, never to be seen again until the next Republican president. The Democrats have easily transitioned into a pro-war party. No Republican presidential candidate except Ron Paul will speak out against the wars we are conducting, and some such as Rick Santorum openly encourage military adventurism abroad. As for the media, it will rightfully condemn the atrocities conducted by the old regime, but fall silent when such crimes are conducted by our allies in the Libyan rebel forces, Egyptian government, or the governments in Bahrain and Yemen. And this silence can be long lasting, such as the enduring oppression of the Egyptian Christian Coptic people for the last few decades by the military-dominated Egyptian government. Unless publicly discussed and condemned, violence against minorities in Libya will become commonplace and normalized…

Many in the Obama cult are beyond reason and simply wax creative in their rationalizations:

In 2009 this author wrote two pieces entitled, “Barack Obama is Bad for Black America” and “Obamanity the Religion of Complicity,” detailing the psychological phenomena looming over many supporters of United States President Barack Obama – especially those who are black/African. It seemed that no matter what Obama did (especially if it was negative), his supporters would contrive any and every excuse to justify “sticking with him” and, therefore, his policies. It mattered little to Obama supporters that within his first 72 hours as US president, he ordered multiple drone strikes in Afghanistan which took the lives of innocent civilians. It mattered little that on the campaign trail his rhetoric supported an expansion of the imperialist war in Afghanistan. He followed through on that campaign promise. And it mattered little then, as it does now, that Obama routinely ignores the plight of black/African people within the pilfered borders of America…

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