Koran Burning

The already strained US relationship with the people of occupied Afghanistan is likely to get even worse going forward, with the revelation that the official recommendation for the handling of the February burning of Qurans at the Bagram Air Force Base.

The US troops selected a collection of religious texts they believed were being used to “fuel extremism,” including several copies of the Quran itself, and had them thrown into a burn pit for subversive literature. Afghan workers discovered the desecration of the religious texts, sparking mass riots across the nation.

The final decision hasn’t been made on what to do with the soldiers who were involved in the burnings, but the official recommendation is for them to receive a “written reprimand,” but no actual punishment, and that no one face criminal charges over it…


The wrist slap is evidence that the Koran burning, the urinating on corpses and Sgt. Bales’ night massacre were all designed to perpetuate the Afghanistan war… a la Orwell.  Speaking of the massacre, has anyone heard a peep about Sgt. Bales recently???

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