What Is He Hiding?

President Obama just announced his invocation of executive privilege in withholding documents subpoenaed by the US Congress in relation to the investigation into Fast and Furious.  The Congress is scheduled today to vote on whether or not to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress and all indications are they will.  But of course the contempt charge is now affectively [sic] nullified through the dictatorial proclamation.

This is the international corporate mafia front and center and in our faces telling us that none of our laws can be applied to them.  This is a murder investigation involving international gunrunning and drug smuggling, and of course money laundering.

We the people, more and more every day, find ourselves being held to a standard of zero tolerance for violations of the most lowly of bureaucratic policies.  We see swat teams invading dairies over raw milk.  We see our old and young being beaten and tasered, many times to death, in matters not even rising to the standard of a misdemeanor…


Maybe there should be a “Constitutional crisis.”

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