McGrath: No Collapse In Europe

…Nothing is what it seems and nothing is random. We will no more see a surprise collapse of Europe this weekend than we will see a surprise announcement that Goldman is being put into receivership come Monday morning.

The goals have been stated . The power elite want Europe under the control of Brussels. It is ok for government to debate and fret over things such as gay marriage and other pop culture topics but the people must not be allowed to be self-governing on things such as their financial future or who will be invaded in their name. So we use crisis government and media propaganda to induce large volumes of fear in order to provide cover for the implementation of the game plan. It is that simple. Why enter into a messy free fall of the economy when propaganda is so much easier and cheaper.

So what happens then? Fear, fear and more fear. Panic and wringing of hands by the paid spokesman, maybe even a scary drop in the indexes for a day or two and at the last moment , perhaps in Mexico at the g20, a pre-determined , pre-planned solution that will appear to all the world to save the day once again. Celebration and relief rally will ensue and hopetimism will return, at least for a day or two.

The point isn’t fear, crisis, or even the solution being offered. The point is control. Control the game, keep the pressure on. With every new round of the crisis games a bit more power and trust is given to the cabal and a bit more freedom is tossed into sea of financial tyranny. This is the game. No surprises, no black swans, no unexpected disasters only perception and control…


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