A History Of Recent Wars

…And this brings us to the money that so many believe to be all powerful! Those who have it now will lose it within the next twelve months, because they are about to lose everything, as they have gambled on the wrong-side to win. And this time it will take more than corrupted corporate agreements and huge sums of black-ops funds to survive, it will take nerve and guts to survive this time and the self-appointed simply do not have that in any depth—all they have is greed, entitlement and tons and tons and mega-tons of what is about to be worthless paper. They have forgotten what happened in Southern Africa with the Zulu nation that faced a similar situation to our current crisis today—most of those overseers were murdered in their beds; and they never saw it coming!

This is why the cops show up with from four to six thugs per suspect. It’s why they’ve killed over five hundred with Tasers; and it’s because they are literally TERRIFIED that the truth will get out. What is that truth?

It’s very simple – no one and no government can ever control every human being on this planet 24-7 seven days a week, no matter how much technology they might want to throw at the situation—because technology has a way of failing at propitious moments, and people who are dissatisfied have a way of getting revenge upon their slavemasters.  If any of this happens, there will most likely be a second revolution, which they and their paymasters will lose—BIGTIME!…


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