Worldwide Propaganda

The Globalization of Propaganda And The Rise of The Alternative Media

 BBC propaganda at its clumsiest.

The destabilization of Syria by terrorists funded and armed by the U.S. and its allies is happening alongside Washington’s major propaganda offensive against the Syrian regime, which has been signed off on by the United Nations. Washington’s propaganda strategy includes playing on the emotions of the Western public and demonizing the Syrian regime with fake news stories and false accusations.

This twofold assault on Syria’s sovereignty and reputation represents the essence of Washington’s present military capabilities: sponsoring terrorism, and establishing an international narrative with the aid of its vast media resources and diplomatic pressure.

It is hard to resist and diffuse propaganda that is targeted against large groups of people. In this case, anti-Syrian propaganda by the U.S., Israel, Turkey, and the Gulf states is being targeted against the entire global public.

The Houla deception was the biggest example yet of how far the propagandistic Western media will go to spin the situation in Syria and abuse their power…


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