Chris Hedges: Days Of Destruction; Days Of Revolt


  1. Richard Bartell says:

    The part that scares me the most about our current events , is that so many, many people, including the people I love the most, My family, my friends , have not the slightest idea of just how dangerous these times are for us right now, we are , with eyes wide open, marching in total ignorance into our own demise. Let me just mention a few current Facts, the mangers corporate players are cannibalizing the very world that we live in, when our Freedom is taken ,when All Truth is unknown, to the majority of its people, When the fish ,the water, the air, are All destroyed, where the hell do we, as a society go? Can anyone be so completely brainwashed, that we can not see the writing on the wall, That is what scares the shit out of me, the most , — “How can so many be so ill informed !” The book “1984” By George Orwell, should be read again, by all. The system we now live in is corrupt, and totally evil, and is headed for certain destruction, And, remember those WORDS from 2000 years ago,
    “There will be much wailing , and gnashing of teeth! “— How did we allow this to happen ! Look in the mirror my friend, We let it happen !- So please, please, wake up, if not for you, For the kids who must live with the shit that we allowed to happen on our watch. Always Seek after Truth. For The Truth is the only hope for are survival. We The people can regain our Freedom from the few that control our future.

  2. Many people who are close to me are also ignorant of the economic, political and geopolitical dangers or prefer to play ostrich. The President’s claim to be able to legally murder anybody anywhere should have provoked a strong reaction. There was scarecely a peep in a population wedded to distractions like reality shows. All that we can do is continue to prepare and attempt to educate, and Orwell is an excellent starting point for education.

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