Fukushima: The Myth Of Diluted Radiation

A previously secret government report debunks corporate media lies that Fukushima radiation in the Pacific heading to the US will be diluted.

The corporate media has continued to serve their role as a stenographer for the government along with the corporations, special interest groups and lobbyists the control it since the onset the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

One talking point that has been repeated drilled into the minds of the public is that massive amounts of highly active radiation that has made its way into the Pacific – through reactor spray run-off, purpose dumping, leaks from the plant and air-borne nuclear fallout – will be naturally be diluted.

They claim due to this dilution their will be no risk to oceanic life, to humans or the food supply – after all this why the government says there is no need to test Pacific Ocean seafood.

However, as the Washington’s Blog article below reports, a previously secret government report tells an entirely different story and the truth is…

Fukushima Is Likely to Produce “Pockets” and “Streams” of Highly-Concentrated Radiation…


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