Inevitable War With Iran?

…Can we destroy the myths of our time, especially the myths of 9/11, JFK’s tragic death, and the creation of the private Federal Reserve?

It is definitely worth trying.

And it must count for something that JFK and 9/11 truth tellers have had a lot of success in opening the minds of millions of people to the reality that a secret globalist and Luciferian cabal is engineering world events and manipulating mankind to accept an authoritarian world government.

No one neck-deep in the sea of truth has labored in vain. Mankind is waking up. The secret occult masters of the world have been identified by activists and their diabolical machinations to keep humanity enslaved and in the dark are being exposed every day.

With that said, though, U.S., British, and Israeli aggression against sovereign and innocent nations will continue. They will get their war with Iran, because without World War III they will not be able to sell a world government to the world. 

In an article I wrote in March called, “Israel And America To Iran: Stop Your Nuclear Weapons Program, Which We Know Doesn’t Exist, Or We’ll Attack You And Say You Started It,” I said:

“Absolute destruction lies ahead. Mankind needs not one, but many miracles. The first miracle would be an American-Iranian rapprochement. But that is not likely to happen because there are no peacemakers in power in America.”

The talks in Istanbul and Baghdad between P5+1 and Iran have changed nothing. Starting a war with Iran remains the goal.

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