Fukushima: TEPCO Has No Plan

The Wall Street Journal just reported that TEPCO doesn’t have a plan to deal with the collapse of Spent Fuel Pool 4 at the Fukushima nuclear reactor in Japan.

The revelation comes as a US army general warns the entire Northern Hemisphere is at risk of becoming largely uninhabitable if the building collapses which is a sentiment being echoed by a host of scientists, nuclear experts and researchers.

Instead, they assure their computer simulation shows the building is strong enough to handle another strong earthquake.

They make this claim even though they have just found the entire building leaning to the northwest and an exterior wall is bulging…





  1. One of the 99% says:

    What should TEPCO (or the Japanese gov’t) do and when? Why haven’t they done it?

  2. Dr. Helen Caldicott in the linked video says that there is nothing we can do. The Northern Hemisphere (and eventually the Earth) is going to be poisoned…all creatures great and small as well as the vegetation that we eat. She might be right. However, if we are doomed I think that we should go out fighting. The fuel rods in the cooling pools need to be moved to a less vulnerable and shielded place. The reactor buildings need to be entombed like Chernobyl. The third step, the one that the Japanese did take, is to stop all nuclear plants. These things should have been done from the start. Why they were not done, I can only speculate. Because of the inaction, much of Japan will die in the next 5-10 years. There will be radiation poisoning, increased cancers and horrible birth defects, such as we see in Iraq and everywhere else that NATO uses DU ammunition. A typhoon, tsunami or earthquake could accelerate matters substantially.

    Building nuclear plants anywhere is stupid. In the best of circumstances, the spent fuel rods present an unsolved storage problem. The danger of losing power for cooling from natural or man-made causes cannot be engineered to a fail-safe condition. Building nuclear plants in densely populated Japan at oceanside in a tectonically active area, well, that’s moronic. But, there was money to be made, and Rev. Deke O’Malley has assured us that the radiation will not reach Hawaii and that there is no danger. What’s the matter with you, don’t you believe him?


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