Still No EVIDENCE To Support Obama’s Proud Murder Of Bin Laden

and inconsistencies (and consequently doubts)  in the official account abound.  What doubts?  Why bury him at sea, when DNA could have verified his identity?  Why shoot an unarmed man, when interrogation could have been an intelligence bonanza?  Why do all of the neighbors say that the man who was shot was not Bin Laden?  How did a man with terminal kidney disease in 2000 survive for 11 years on the run?  Why was there no dialysis machine at the house that was raided?  Why was the SEAL team that supposedly did the deed eliminated?  Why all of the fake Bin Laden videos since 911?  Why did Bush say that he was not concerned about Bin Laden?  Justice was NOT done…on so many levels, including the ASSUMPTION that Bin Laden, the REAL Bin Laden, had anything to do with 911.

The establishment media just keep getting worse. They’re further and further from good, tough investigative journalism, and more prone to be pawns in complicated games that affect the public interest in untold ways. A significant recent example is The New Yorker’s vaunted August 8 exclusive on the vanquishing of Osama bin Laden…


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