The German Gold Shell Game

…It seems there is a conflict/disagreement happening between the Central Bank of Germany (Bundesbank) and members of the Parliament and members of Germany’s Federal Audit office (the Bundesrechnungshof) about Germany’s gold.

It seems Germany’s gold has not been fully accounted for in at least five years.

Now, members of the Parliament are standing up saying “They want the people’s gold, back in the country.”  They also are out right saying “They don’t think it is there any more either.”  It seems they think the Federal Reserve and London may have sold their gold.

The Central Bank of Germany is saying “We are not to question another Central Bank of the World.  If the Federal Reserve says the gold is there, then it is”…

If the gold is really there, what is the problem in repatriation?  Chavez was on point in getting Venezuela’s gold repatriated.

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