Shooting Blanks In Prosecuting The Big Banks

In reality, the lack of  accountability and prosecution is not perplexing at all. It’s all very predictable. The important fact to understand is that the biggest contributors to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign were financial firms.

Wall Street gave him $16 million compared to $9 million for his Republican rival. Goldman Sachs executives alone donated $1 million to Obama’s campaign.

That turned out to be a great investment for the Big Banks. Instead of having to face a tough Attorney General, their quid pro quo was the nomination of corporate lawyer Eric Holder, who spent ten years at the Covington & Burling, a law firm whose clients happen to include Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citigroup and all the other major financial institutions.  Not surprisingly, Holder went after Wall Street with the vengeance of a toothless chihuhua. By the time he finished spitting them out, Obama’s Justice Department had racked up a total of zero criminal charges against the major banks…


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