Assad’s Re-education Camps (Snork, Snork)

 A couple of months ago, the mainstream media got all excited about leaked emails from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and ‘bombshell’ revelations such as the fact that Assad’s wife likes to spend a lot of money on expensive furniture.

Would that same corporate press be interested if documents were leaked showing that Assad’s military forces had set up detention camps in which they planned to incarcerate political activists and subject them to re-education programs and slave labor?

Of course it would, the story would be all over CNN, ABC and Fox News. The documents would be heralded as chilling evidence that Assad is in charge of a dictatorial regime that plans to kidnap demonstrators and imprison them in North Korean-style gulags.

The documents would be held up as solid justification for a swift NATO military action in the name of ‘humanitarian intervention’.

And yet last week we had the release of documents which prove the existence of re-education forced labor camps for political dissidents not only abroad but inside the United States itself! An even more shocking story you would imagine?

And the reaction from the mainstream media? You could hear a pin drop…

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