Ron Paul Dazzles, But

if the crooked Republican primaries are any indication, he could not survive the unauditable voting machines of the Psychopaths-That-Be.

No other Republican Presidential candidate has ever received the enthusiastic popular support in the Republican Stronghold of Orange County that Ron Paul received in his visit to Cal State University, Fullerton, on May 3rd, 2012.    6000 enthusiastic fans crowded into the Titan Stadium, which was not designed to hold 6000.   The line stretched around the stadium.   Seats ran out, but supporters continued to pile in, standing to see their candidate.   Mitt Romney has never received that kind of support in Republican Orange County.  [Then how did he get the lead???]

Once in office, Paul will repeal the NDAA, the PATRIOT Act and the Federal Reserve Act.   The audience, by its standing ovations and chants showed its agreement with the plan.

Paul spoke to the paranoid fears he would cut social programs by expressing his understanding that people have come to need these programs.   In cutting spending, he will start with the wars and foreign spending.   He pointed out that, in recent years, the war spending has topped four trillion dollars.   He noted that, in foreign spending, the United States government takes from the poor at home to give to rich oppressors in foreign lands…

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