Conditioning For Fascism

How many people must go through the humiliating and unnecessary TSA pat-downs and searches before someone is actually arrested as a terrorist? Why do we need to expose ourselves to needless radiation at the airports when there is not a single report of anyone being captured as a terrorist with a bomb up their anus? It’s all a matter of training the public to accept government intrusion into their private lives; Conditioning

Warrantless wiretapping, email surveillance, phone tapping, intercepting cellphone communications, internet tracking, intelligence gathering, data-mining, cameras everywhere, strip-searches for minor offenses, a privatized & profitable prison system with more incarcerations per capita than anywhere else on earth; Conditioning

A healthcare system that doesn’t want to cure disease, but rather profit from treating the symptoms, a pharmaceutical industry based on creating life-long consumers for their addictive medicines; Conditioning.

An Educational system which does not educate or teach people to think critically, lowers our expectations. The elimination of government services, police, fire, public works, water purification & distribution are all going to private “for profit” entities; preparing us to expect less from our representative government; Conditioning

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