The Gulf Of Mexico: Countless Casualties

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Countless casualties, visible or not

Thus, who’s surprised the Gulf eco-system continues to absorb body blows? Independent research confirms, even IF we started redemption today, pre-spill conditions means decades. Some species, like sperm whales and bluefin tuna, escaped the worst poisons, but not the less mobile:

  • extensive habitats of deep sea and shoreline plant species;
  • incalculable zooplankton species, sustaining the entire ecosystem;
  • reduced seafood catches, pockmarked by deformation or worse;
  • dying coral stands, plumed by BP’s deadly, “frothy gunk;”
  • fish small and large, even 300 lb. sturgeon found with corrupted DNA, presaging “cancers, tumors, and immunological-reproductive disorders;”
  • air-breathing sea turtles (whose juveniles require Gulf nurseries); and
  • mammals, surface breathers with susceptible, toxin-absorbing skin and lungs, like ours.

Fact: bottlenose dolphin mortality from Texas to Florida jumped from 74 normally to surpass 600 this season, with widespread outbreaks of liver, lung, and immune diseases predicted.


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