Dark Matter: Will Astronomers See The Light?

Probably not.

What the Velikovsky affair made crystal clear … is
that the theories of science may be held not only for the
truth they embody, but because of the vested interests they
represent for those who hold them.” 

(February 1964)

For more than eight years on this website, Electric Universe proponents have argued for an alternative view of the cosmos, in which dark matter is neither real nor “necessary.” Astronomers believe that galaxy formation, galaxy clusters, and the motions of spiral galaxies require dark matter based on the amount of gravitational energy available in the Universe. But decades ago, Hannes Alfven, the father of Plasma Cosmology, proposed an electric galaxy theory based on a homopolar motor. Alfven’s successor, Anthony Perratt of Los Alamos Laboratories, using particle-in-cell computer simulations, has demonstrated the evolution of galactic structures under the influence of electric currents. Through the “pinch effect”, parallel currents converge to produce spiraling structures. No dark matter needed.


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