How Sad!

The first U.S. President of acknowledged African ancestry has THE WORST human and civil rights record of any President in modern times, bar none.  It is a tragedy for the black community, the nation and the world.  Moreover, most in the black community either don’t realize it or won’t face the reality.  Don’t think it can happen to you, because Rev. Deke has a little melanin?  Think again, and remember the wisdom of Fanon: “What matters is not so much the colour of your skin as the power you serve and the millions you betray.”  

 When Sharif Mobley, an American citizen living in Yemen, went to the shops on the morning of January 26 this year, his family had no idea that it was the start of a chain of events that would lead to him being accused of murder and facing potential execution.

As he drank tea on a Sana’a street, eight masked men burst from two white vans and tried to grab him. Terrified, he ran, but was brought crashing to the ground by two bullets to his legs and bundled into one of the vans.

The method of abduction may have been brutal, but it was not the work of a rebel group or criminal gang. Instead, the armed men were Yemeni security agents, and in a set of legal documents seen by Al Jazeera, Mobley’s lawyers allege they were operating on behalf of the US government.

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