A Cry Of Hope

No, not Rev. Deke type hope.  Or is it?

In our society, there are a few people who control most of the money and almost all of the levers of power, and then there are the rest of us.  That is surely an oversimplification, though.  For in the rest of us, we can find all kinds of divisions of power.  Men have it better than women, whites than people of color, American citizens than foreigners, middle class than poor, fully able bodied than those with disabilities, human than non-human, property owner than non-property owner, manager than worker, good-looking than ugly, stronger than weaker, and on and on.  Yet, surely all of these other hierarchies might be easier to eradicate if there were not so few people controlling the economic and political capital and all that goes with it – namely government at all its levels including the laws, military, and police; business at all its levels, particularly the large corporations; the banks at all their levels, especially the mega banks (I know you’re not listening, Wells Fargo); etc.  These same people control the mass media – and the useless range of talking heads we hear – and the policy choices left as scraps for those foolish enough to believe their vote matters.

Of course, that we are all left as fools is the point.  Compared with their power, we are mere babbling idiots. 


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