What’s Going On?

All the deadly ammo, the bulletroof guard posts, the domestic drones, the surveillance cameras that are multiplying like rabbits indicate what?  BTW, yesterday I saw a white SUV with the letters HOMELAND SECURITY POLICE on the side.

Every day we learn about some other outrage, yesterday it was that the FDA, the Federal Department of Agriculture needs several hundred thousand of these more-than-deadly shells, for their own use? Are they afraid that the crops are going to attack their inspectors? Where is Congress or the Supreme Court in all of this and why are they both STILL SILENT! (2) [Long since purchased or compromised!]

This strangeness indicates that this government has become literally TERRIFIED of their own citizens. Why else would we NEED portable bulletproof check-point guard posts? Has anyone seen what an eighteen-wheeler can do to a fixed guard post? Does anyone in the government believe that there will not be RESISTANCE once this weird plan of theirs tries to become reality?

What other possible use for this military-grade (but militarily illegal bullets) could there be for buying 5 years worth of this extremely deadly ammunition? It’s over twice as many bullets as it would take to kill the entire population of the country—how can no one in the government not be forced to answer this QUESTION:

“What’s Going On!”




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