Civil Liberties And The 2012 Democratic Party Platform

My take is that the Dems will leave the platform largely unchanged and inflict on us some ameliorating words like the exigencies of the War on Terror, the old Orwellian “War is Peace” thangy.  They might add a dash of “We’re not finished yet” also, but  Rev. Deke will NOT back off his claim to be able to legally murder Americans.  Moreover, the USA might be at war with Iran (and Russia and China) by the time of the convention, which would give another “exigent circumstance.”

When the Democratic Party holds its convention this September in Charlotte, North Carolina, President Obama’s speech is likely to garner the most press attention. But I’ll be most interested in how the delegates get themselves out of the pickle of their standard bearer’s making: What are they going to say about civil liberties and executive power in the party platform?

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