Kandahar: My Thought Also!

The timing, the highly provocative nature of the foul deeds, the constantly changing “lone nut” official story, and the stated objectives of the 1% (Recall Wesley Clark’s testimony about “seven countries in five years.”), put these developments beyond my personal embrace of “coincidence.”

There have been three recent events which seem to suggest someone out there doesn’t want the peace talks with the Taliban to succeed. The Taliban has now pulled out of those talks which have been going on for about a year. Are these events accidents? Are they part of a larger destabilization plan designed to keep our forces in Afghanistan as long as possible?

 The Taliban in Afghanistan have not only pulled out of talks with the U.S. and the Afghan government over the three most recent provocative actions by U.S. forces in their occupied country, but they have also vowed revenge for the 17 recently murdered civilians from the Kandahar province. These reactions by the Taliban, directly attributable to deliberate actions of the U.S., promise to escalate tensions in occupied Afghanistan right at a time when the Obama administration was set to start with withdrawing troops from the country (20,000 by Sept. 2012) in preparation for a complete withdrawal of combat troops by the end of 2014…

Three things that are extremely provocative to Muslims in an occupied country:

If someone within the military industrial complex were looking to incite a renewed offensive from the resistance in Afghanistan in order to justify our continued presence in that country, these three things would certainly have been at the top of a PR expert’s action item shortlist of things to do to stir up the locals.


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