2012 Elections-America’s Last Hurrah

VERY thoughtful article on the political sitcheation in the USA!

Both political parties have voted to repeal our rights to free speech, to petition government with our grievances, to Habeas Corpus, to trial by jury, to not be tortured and to be secure in our persons from illegal searches and seizures. Both political parties said they saw nothing wrong with 30,000 drones patrolling American skies looking for dissidents to shoot with shotgun tasers. Those tasers can be quickly replaced with missiles. We can now be detained indefinitely without trial and the President, the Attorney General and several Senators told us we can be summarily executed using secret evidence and without judicial review.

Many of us have seen this coming. We knew that Wall Street was stealing so much money that they would need a National Security State to prevent us from demanding the return of the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from us. Ben Bernanke printed up 30 trillion dollars to cover the thefts and negligence of the bankers. Now that his Hyperinflation of currency has just begun to impoverish us with  much higher prices,  the bankers have insisted on a complete repeal of the Bill of Rights.


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