Boy Have I Heard That!

What is really strange is the Obamamized don’t ask about what Rev. Deke DOES do.   It is simply not discussed.  What would they have said if Bush (the loquacious one) had claimed the right to legally murder American citizens without charge or trial?  What would they have said if Bush had attacked Libya?  Rev. Deke found no impediment to making those changes, which is what Brand Obama is all about.  As KRS pointed out, he’s a black face on the NWO.

We hear it all the time…. “Give the man a chance!” “He’s only been president 38 months! it took Bush eight years to mess things up….” Or “He can’t do nothin’ cuz Republicans are blockin’ everything…,” and most tellingly “He’s the president — he doesn’t have a magic wand…”

Evasions and excuses like these are now the staple of black politics. Black America’s political class, its learned and wise preachers, pundits and politicians counsel us in this, the age of the First Black President to “get realistic” by dialing back our expectations for economic democracy, by dropping our demands for peace and justice. After all, in the world of mature grown folks, expecting this or any president to crack down on greedy corporations and banksters, to stem the tide of foreclosures and evictions, to rein in health care costs, to refrain from starting predatory foreign wars in Asia and Africa, or to preserve Medicare and Social Security is just plain foolish. Democratic expectations, they say, are the provice of the socially immature, the politically unsophisticated.

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