Kandahar Massacre

Is Robert Bales guilty?

I submit to you a different narrative; Robert Bales did not commit these perversions. Not just because it doesn’t fit the official “crazed lone gunman” narrative they are currently in the process of fabricating, not just because he doesn’t fit the mold of the “snapped soldier” archetype, but because the physical evidence and the eye witnesses and the circumstantial evidence and the timeline presented all point to a carefully planned operation to further destabilize the region thus providing the necessary pretext to forgo Obama’s promise to withdraw 20,000 troops from Afghanistan by September of this year.

Take a look first of all at how the corporate media is trying to exaggerate his family’s financial difficulties. They claim that his previous home was “abandoned” and the current one he was living in was so far behind in mortgage payments that he practically abandoned that one as well.

But none of that is true.


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